About Company

Hindavi Solution Private Limited,  a leading manufacturing of Polymer based binders & Emulsions – Textile Printing and Finishing Binder &  Emulsions,  Khadi Binder & emulsions, Textile Flock Binder & emulsions, Paint Binders and emulsions, Leather Binders and emulsions, Construction Chemicals, BOPP Tape Adhesives,  Lamination Adhesives, Sticker & Lamination Adhesives, Solvant Cement Based Adhesives, Silicon Sealant, Cyanoacrylates Instance Adhesives,  Water Based Paper Adhesives- Notebooks/Packaging/Other Paper Converters,  Non-Conventional Sprayable -Automobiles – Car Interiors /Bus BodyBeestocol Series,  Synthetic Resin Adhesives PVA and VAM Based Wood working and Furniture Adhesives, Membrane door white adhesives,  Fabric Glue, D.D.L binder for lime & Distemper, PVC Flooring Armstrong Types Water Based , Mattresses/Sofa/Chair/Other Furniture Adhesives, Synthetic Resin Adhesives Footwear and Leather,  3D Lamination (PVC Membrane Doors  & Kitchen cabinets), PVC to Wood/Ply,  Wood Coatings on Furniture, PVC Membrane Glues,  Solvent less rubber adhesives , contact adhesives,  PU- (Polyurethane ) Adhesives,  water based  all Pressure sensitives adhesives,  contact adhesives sprayable all grades for mattresses and automobiles, unsaturated resin polymer for door lamination, rooftop , general purpose unsaturated resin polymer, Synthetic rubber based  adhesives,  Hindavi Solution Private limited also produce Electrical Insulation tapes, BOPP tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes, medical purposes tapes. Foam tapes, marking tapes, decoration tapes,

Our product are under the brand names :-Beestomer, Beestocol, Beestofix, Beestogrip, Beestoseal.

 With a clear vision of becoming the largest Manufacturer, exporter and supplier polymer emulsions, adhesives, and resin the company has been making a improving its products quality, manufacturing, sales, marketing’s, and supply.

Our Mission

Our Mission is not only offers strong technical bonds, but also seeks to achieve optimum personal bonds with its partners, suppliers, buyers, distributors, dealers, agents, employees and no doubt our end users.

Our Vision

To establish a strong foothold in both the local and international markets by being a provider of quality products to serve adhesives and related chemicals with excellent sales and technical service.